Frame agreement with Statoil

Statoil has awarded Fedem Technology AS one of a total of three frame agreements for hull integrity analyses of a broad number of existing free-fall lifeboats on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

The analyses will determine whether the lifeboats have the necessary strength to withstand the forces acting during the drop without causing critical damage to the structure. The agreement covers various lifeboats with both steel and composite hulls. The contract contributes to the effort being made in order to meet the new requirements for lifeboats, which PSA in Norway will implement from 2015.

Fedem Technology has many years of experience in calculating davit-launched and free fall lifeboats, and has conducted projects for the Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF), operators and manufacturers of lifeboats. The contract will provide work for up to 8-10 of our engineers in 2012.

By using our own software, FEDEM, the boat's trajectory is calculated from the launch skid through the free fall phase based on multi-body dynamic analysis. The dynamic behaviour of the boat from when it hits the sea surface, through the dive- and ascent phases are simulated using CFD calculations. From these analyses both accelerations and forces on the hull are determined, which is subsequently used to calculate local deformations and the capacity of the lifeboat using Finite Element tools.