Rigged for major project in cooperation with Statoil

Fedem Technology utilize groundbreaking calculation methods when calculating the structural capacity of a large number of free-fall life boats installed on Statoils oil rigs on the Norwegian continental shelf. The contract value is NOK 27 million, and places Fedem Technology squarely in the lead of this field.

Free fall life boats are dropped from up to 31 meters, and are exposed to significant strain when introduced to the sea surface and while briefly submerged. Fedem Technology has developed advanced methods and uses various computing tools that simulate all phases of a life boat drop, factoring in wave height, weather and wind. The method integrates hydrodynamics and mechanical structure analysis in a brand new way, and reveals how the waves at sea and other weather conditions affect the life boat as it is dropped. This lays the foundation for futher development of life boats as a means of evacuating installations, and gives an overview of the total performance of the life boats in different weather conditions.

In conjunction with the Statoil contract, Fedem Technology has hired new personell and invested heavily in a powerful and modern computing center.