New Managing Director

Arnulf Hagen takes over as Managing Director in Fedem Technology AS in May



Arnulf Hagen has a PhD from Marine Technology at NTH (now NTNU) in 1993, with a graduate in  engineering / structures from NTH / University of Kansas in 1986 and a master's degree in Ocean Systems Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1990.

Arnulf Hagen comes to Fedem Technology from a position as head of department in the Norwegian Veritas (DNV). There, he led DNV’s efforts in maritime and offshore logistics, built on the firm proNavis which was established in 2002. In proNavis he was principal owner and managing director since its creation, through acquisitions by DNV in 2005 until the merger in 2008. Hagen has worked as a senior scientist at MARINTEK in the period 1993-2001, including a period at Umoe Mandal where he worked with the frigate project. He is a professor II at NTNU's Department of Marine Technology.