Digital Twin

SAP Predictive Engineering Insights powered by SAP Leonardo is a solution to monitor and analyze in real-time the behavior of structures and mechanical systems under the influence of complex and dynamic loads.

The solution is based on a digital representation of a unique real asset that applies structural finite element models in combination with sensor feeds and classical (Newtonian) physics to replicate the physical state of the asset at any point in time. This information can be used in applications built for a wide range of purposes. It can be applied across industry segments and asset types, be it a wind turbine, an industrial robot, a crane or a building. It is used for monitoring, inspection and operational planning by providing a high-fidelity cloud based virtual model connected to edge-based sensor packages.

The state of the physical asset can be read through virtual sensors located on the Digital Twin, the readings of which can be used in other applications. The SAP Predictive Engineering Insights can, in this way, further integrate into core business processes, such as asset management, plant maintenance and operations.

You can read more about SAP Predictive Engineering Insights here.