About us

Fedem Technology AS has more than 20 years’ experience with developing advanced dynamic simulation tools.

We have developed and distributed our own software since 1994, and have provided engineering and analysis services since 2003. In 2016 we were acquired by SAP to contribute in developing a new solution based on physics-based high fidelity digital twins.

SAP’s Digital Twin is based on FEDEM Technology’s simulation-based system monitoring approach for dynamic mechanisms. FEDEM is an acronym for “Finite Element Dynamics in Elastic Mechanisms”. The FEDEM analysis platform provides an overview over the structural integrity of the complete asset at any time. It is based on select physical sensor measurements at the edge, typically measuring motions or positions and translating those into signals that force the model into a certain state. The physical sensor output is thus transferred to a numerical simulation model representing the Digital Twin.

In Fedem Technology, we live by the motto "Powered by Understanding". By this we want to emphasize that good understanding of the technology and the engineering methods is the main key to a successful project.

In July 2018, Fedem Technology was legally merged with SAP Norway.