Fedem Technology has many years of experience with advanced structural analysis of vessels and marine systems. We can contribute in all phases of a project, from concept development and design to operation and maintenance.

Our strength is our high competence and long experience within the marine sector, and we can offer:

  • Highly qualified engineers with extensive experience in marine applications
  • Good knowledge and experience about the design codes and regulations
  • Comprehensive experience regarding analysis of various materials, including composites

Fedem Technology can provide customized solutions based on your needs. Here are some examples of the analysis we can offer:

  • Linear and nonlinear structural analysis, both static and dynamic
  • All types of materials: composite, steel, aluminum, etc.
  • Slamming analysis based on CFD simulations and direct transmission of forces from CFD to the FE structural model
  • Sloshing inside tanks
  • Loads on structures in the splash zone
  • Trajectory calculations of lifeboats
  • Complete scantling of ship (global and local analysis)
  • Design and analysis of structural details (strength and fatigue)
  • Verification of existing design
  • Upgrading and modifications of structures and systems in operation