Free fall lifeboats are dropped from heights up to 55m and straight down into the sea in harsh weather conditions. This gives high impacts on the boat as it hits the surface and dives into the sea.

By using of our own software, (multi-body dynamic analysis by FEDEM), the boat's path from the initial launch position and into the free-fall phase is determined.

The whole path from the boat is hitting the sea surface, the dive- and finally the ascent phase is simulated using CFD tool (Star-CCM +).

Both accelerations and forces on the hull are generated from the analyses, and subsequently used to calculate the lifeboat capacity for relevant heights and environmental conditions.

Fedem Technology has extensive experience in analysis of davit- and free fall lifeboats, and can define design loads and assess the structural capacity of boats made of steel- or composite materials. Based on analysis and experience, we propose the necessary modifications to the design, or alternatively specify the maximum permissible sea conditions for use of each lifeboat.

Statoil has recently awarded Fedem Technology AS one of a total of three frame agreements for hull integrity analyses of a broad number of existing free-fall lifeboats on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Read more under NEWS.