Winches and Cranes

Fedem Technology has participated in several projects involving development and testing of new concepts for winches and cranes. The main purpose is to provide an optimum design and safe operation of the equipment.

FEDEM software is suitable for simulation of the majority of dynamic systems, and particularly cranes placed on moving foundations such as ships and platforms.

The entire lifting operation can be simulated for relevant sea conditions in long time series for accurate analysis of static and dynamic stresses in the total system. The following input can be entered:

  • Sea state (currents and waves)
  • Motion characteristics of the vessel
  • Crane system with foundation, hydraulics, lifting wire and heave-compensation system
  • Trajectory of the crane during the lifting operation
  • Control system for the crane
  • Hook load / cargo

To analyze lifting through the splash zone we can use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis to simulate wave loads on the cargo and the lifting equipment. It can thus be used to develop safe procedures and determine weather criteria for marine operations.