Well Systems and Subsea Facilities

Fedem Technology performs calculations and studies within several areas of the subsea market, including drilling, well- and production equipment, installation and tie-in of pipelines and cables.

Dynamic simulations of well systems include modelling of conductor, wellhead, BOP and riser in a single global model in order to provide the most realistic analysis. Soil-structure interaction is included in the analysis together with the influence of environmental loads and the rig/platform motions.

The unique combination of global representation and detailed element model provides a very efficient and reliable lifetime analysis of critical elements in the structure.

Tie-in between subsea modules and pipelines by use of pipe spools or other methods can be simulated in all phases from lifting and deployment through the splash zone to soft landing on the seabed and subsequent pull-in & connection.

Connectors, flanges and other components for pipelines and cables can be included in a global model that includes the entire system, thus by performing a detailed fatigue analysis in the same way as for wellhead and riser systems.