Subsea and Topside Processing Facilities

Fedem Technology is able to predict the lifetime of the equipment by simulating the inner and outer loads on a global model of the facility, and with such degree of detail that reliable lifetime analysis is possible.

Processing facilities for the Oil & Gas industry is subjected to heavy loads during operation due to pressure, temperature and potential external impacts. This can cause expansion movements and vibrations, as in the worst scenario can lead to fatigue damage and leakage.

For existing facilities where vibrations are recorded, especially in cases where the piping and equipment are exposed to corrosion/erosion, dynamic simulations can be combined with monitoring of accelerations, stresses or strains at specific points. In this case, Fedem Technology gather data in collaboration with the customer or the supplier of instrumentation systems.

Such simulations can be crucial for subsea installations where access for inspection and maintenance is limited and expensive.

The results from condition monitoring can be used as a basis for modification of equipment or adjustment of the operating procedures. Finally the remaining service life of all critical parts of the processing system is documented by virtual simulations.