Fedem Technology performs strength and fatigue analysis of both rigid and flexible riser systems for drilling and production. We have on several occasions participated in the development of new solutions and products in close cooperation with our customers.

Most of the projects include drilling risers where the complete well- and riser system is considered as a single unit in the same global model. The analysis engineer can thus find loads and service lifetime of critical parts of the structure by using FEDEM Riser, without the need for other FE-programs where the global model for dynamic simulations is often combined with separate local analyses.

For Nexans Norway we have carried out global analyses of flexible umbilical risers, e.g. on the Browse LNG project.

FEDEM Riser is a software module that enables the modeling and analysis of slender structures such as risers, mooring systems, pipelines, etc. The analysis time ranging from real-time to 5 x real-time depending on the model's complexity. The following features are included:

  • Regular and irregular waves, including both linear and nonlinear waves
  • Current profile varying with water depth
  • RAO (transfer function) for description of vessel movements
  • Drag, buoyancy and added mass
  • Parametric definition of the riser