Fedem Technology is specialized in advanced dynamic simulations, capacity checks and lifetime analysis of various structures and mechanical systems.

Our services span across several industrial segments, where oil & gas, offshore wind power, crane systems and offshore lifeboats are the most prominent.

The services cover all phases of a project from concept development and design engineering, to verification and operational support.

Fedem Technology also perform simulations of marine operations in order to develop safer equipment and more efficient procedures. By most accurate implementation of loads from wind, waves and current, the weather criteria can be optimised for lifting and installation work.

Early phase engineering

It is beneficial to involve Fedem Technology in early concept development. This is because much of the work on the qualification and testing of solutions can be carried out virtually by means of CFD simulations and FEA. This approach saves time and provides a lower total cost than by following a traditional design routine that often includes
a larger amount of modeling, prototyping and full scale testing.