Condition Monitoring

By introducing a condition-based maintenance philosophy, the operating costs are significantly reduced.

Fedem Technology can specify the required equipment and procedures for condition monitoring of offshore installations and carry out lifetime analysis during the operational phase.

Difficult and resource intensive access to subsea facilities, riser systems and other offshore installations, such as wind turbines, require less need for visual inspection and a wish for longer maintenance intervals. At the same time the daily operation of the facilities has to ensure optimum performance and reliability with respect to functional requirements and environmental impact.

To ensure optimum operation, the installations can be monitored by instruments so that the operator can record movements and stresses in critical parts of the structure. Simultaneous logging of environmental data and operating parameters is clearly beneficial for achieving most accurate results. The measured parameters ​​can then be analyzed in an "as-built" total model of the structure to predict the remaining service life of selected components.

Finally, the calculated remaining lifetime is compared against the original design life to provide input to the maintenance program,
or to adapt the operating parameters against a planned shutdown.

Condition monitoring of risers

The photo shows one of our motion sensors for rigid riser systems.