FEDEM is a multi-purpose tool for analysis and virtual testing of structural systems. With FEDEM you can perform:

  • Conventional single-body FE-analysis
  • Elasto-kinematics
  • Dynamics of multibody systems using CAD-model components
  • Dynamics of multibody systems with FE-components
  • System simulation with control systems and user-defined functions
  • Virtual modeling with hardware in loop

Either your objective is stress & strength, fatigue, vibrations, response analysis, system behavior, etc., you can achieve your goals with FEDEM in your toolbox.

FEDEM is used for simulation of light-switches, car suspensions, industrial robots, cranes, satellites, drilling risers, offshore wind turbines and many more applications.

The COM API gives you programmatic access to FEDEMs core functionality, which lets you write your own applications or add-ons for modeling, solving and result management. This can be used for streamlining repetitive tasks, embedding of your company’s special competency, or for commercial purposes.

FEDEM Mechanical is the main platform, with the full range of tools for structural and dynamical modeling and analysis. It also includes the API. (See Feature comparison.)

FEDEM Offshore includes Mechanical, and have in addition a tool package for marine loads from sea, waves and currents. Mechanical systems with floating bodies in waves, submerged structures and vessel dynamics can be modeled and simulated.

FEDEM Windpower includes Mechanical and Offshore, and have in addition a tool package for modeling of wind turbine blades with structural and aerodynamic properties, and turbulent wind fields.


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