FEDEM Windpower

FEDEM Windpower is a powerful simulation tool for dynamic analysis of complete wind turbine systems, both onshore and offshore.

Wind field and wave loads, structural models (beam, shell and volume elements), advanced soil description and complete control system - everything fully integrated in one fast and user friendly software.

FEDEM Windpower includes all the features of FEDEM Mechanical and Offshore. FEDEM Windpower is used in several commercial projects for major international wind power operators.

FEDEM Windpower is developed by Fedem Technology AS. The software is being distributed by DNV Software in Sesam Wind.

Turbine Creation Wizard

At the core of the Windpower modeling tools is the turbine creation wizard, which lets you define a complete wind turbine model, including tower, nacelle, rotor, blades, etc., using only a limited number of design parameters. If at a later time you wish to modify your design, the turbine model may also be updated through this wizard.

Blade and Airfoil Modeling

The blade definition tool lets you specify blade designs, consisting of a set of pre-defined or user-defined airfoil tables, and the structural and aerodynamic properties of the blade through a spreadsheet-like user interface. A graphical representation of the dimensions and properties of the blade makes for easy verification of key parameters.

3D Wind Field Modeling

The wind loads on the blades are calculated through a co-simulation with AeroDyn from NREL, based on the specified aeroelastic properties, and the 3D wind field (laminar or turbulent). Turbulent wind fields may be generated through a separate integrated preprocessing tool, using the TurbSim module by NREL.

Integration with DNV Sesam

As part of DNV's Sesam Wind software, Fedem Windpower offers the possibility to import substructures from Sesam GeniE, as well as exporting time history results to be directly imported into Sesam or other tools for further post-processing such as code checks.

Foundation Modeling

A wide range of foundation types may be modeled in FEDEM Windpower. The turbine creation wizard allows you to create a simple generic tower, and typical foundation structures such as jackets and monopiles may be imported as spaceframes and beamstrings, respectively. Other foundation types or more detailed towers may be imported as linear FE models and reduced into superelements. Soil properties are available on soil-piles, with degradation through cyclic springs with secant stiffness.

Bouy and Mooring

Floating wind turbines may be modeled with spar buoys or other slender floating structures. Mooring lines can be modeled using strings of beams with low bending stiffness. Hydrodynamic forces from waves and streams will be calculated in a fully coupled analysis with the forces from the wind.


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