Software Development Kit (SDK)

The FEDEM Software Development Kit (SDK) enables software developers to:

  • Develop software applications that use FEDEM for modeling, solving, and analysis.
  • Develop server-/cloud-based solutions based on FEDEM.
  • Develop and maintain scripts based on FEDEM.

The SDK includes:

  • FEDEM Model Manager. Enables applications to manage FEDEM models and solver processes.
  • FEDEM Mechanical/Offshore/Windpower. The GUI can be activated from the manager and/or the COM API.
  • Tools and sample applications. Sample applications include source code.
  • User's guide (PDF) and reference documentation (CHM).
  • Redistributable installer.

The SDK should typically be used by software developers that have engineering expertise. Please contact us for licensing the FEDEM SDK at fedem (at)

FEDEM Manager with COM API interface

The manager typically runs in the Windows system tray and provides a user interface for managing FEDEM instances. Software applications connect to this manager, programmatically, to start/stop FEDEM instances, and to connect to the COM API of the FEDEM instances.

Figure. FEDEM Model Manager.

FEDEM Core API with C#/C++ interface

The FEDEM Core API provides a C# and/or C++ programming interface for software applications.

Figure. The main/top-level classes and modules in the Core API (the full API has several hundred classes).